Friday, August 30, 2013

How to solve the weight loss trouble of constipation

Some people spend a lot of money and time on reducing weight. However, they do not reduce weight successfully. If you reduce weight in the wrong way, it is easily to have the problem of constipation. Once you have the problem of constipation, we will have slow metabolism rate, edema and obesity. So the first step of reducing weight is to solve the problem of the constipation. Then we can clear the obstacle on the way of reducing weight.

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1, More fruits and vegetables

If you do not eat vegetables and fruits, it is easy to have the problem of constipation. Because vegetables contain a large amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber, which can promote digestion and expel stool inside. We should often eat vegetables, also we need to make some fresh fruits juice. Then you can increase your full feeling and it can relieve and prevent the constipation. And the heat of fruits and vegetables is really low. And the constipation is the biggest trouble for the people who want to reduce weight. Lida is the drug which could help us to relieve the constipation. Because it could help us to increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation rate.

2, Drink water after waking up

After getting up, you can drink a glass of honey water to clear your intestines and accumulated wastes in your stomach and intestines. After the metabolism, our body will be lack of water and energy. So a glass of honey water can solve this problem. In addition, if you have the problem of constipation, you can use the salty water to replace the honey water, then you can get a better slimming effect.

3, Eat more sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes a lot of fibers. So sweet potatoes are very good food to expel stool. And it is very sweet with strong full feeling, so it is very suitable to be eaten as the staple food. Because it contains less starch and carbohydrate than other staple food. Of course, the cooking method of sweet potato is also very important, general speaking we usually steam sweet potatoes. Steamed sweet potato and sweet potato porridge are very good slimming food.

4, Fixed dinner time 

Although one of the greatest pleasures during the travel is the discovery of delicious food, it is very important to eat three meals on time. Some people will have an abnormal meals during the trip, they sometimes will keep eating delicious food, which will make them fatter. 3 regular meals will avoid the hunger.

5, Do not eat heavy food

Too heavy taste food will easily cause the problem of constipation, so if you want to solve this problem. It is really important to adjust your diet habit. And light diet can greatly reduce food heat, and it can do a great help to reduce weight. We need to add less salt and oil during the cooking procession.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The eyes self saving methods, relieve black eye rim and fatigue

Every day, our life pace is too fats. In addition of sleep, we need to stare at the computer, tele phone and other digital products. For long time, the eye is the part which are the most tired, it is easy to have black eyes rim, eyes bag, small wrinkles.

From 7:00-9:00 AM

Status, black eyes rim

Solution, we could do the massage on eyes to relieve the fatigue. Also we could take out of the mineral water bottle which is placed in the refrigerator. And lightly role the water around the eye. After one minute. You will see the result of your eyes.

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Use salt water to apply eye dropsy

Methods, place a cup of salty water in the refrigerator, use the makeing up cotton to take a suitable amount of salt water. And spread salty water around your eyes, then take away the making up cotton.

Apply tea bag on your eyes

Methods, you can apply the rest tea bag on eyes, this method could relieve eyes bag.

Situation: eyes acid and bilges, face skin is tight

Solution, take a vacation and find the place which is close to the windows, deep breathe with nose then open your eyes to the largest. After you return to the normal breathe, you can knock on your head for several times.

Situation, heavy eyelids

Eat light food which could add nutrition. Have a rest, then do some simple eyeball exercises. Healthy body figure is the dream for every people. However, not every person realise it. Some people can not keep slimming body figure. Lida is the drug which could help everyone to realise the sexy and slim body. And one benefit of Lida is that it could help us to control our appetite.

1, relax eyes, your eye sights can not fall on any targets, then close your eyes, keep for 2-3 seconds and suddenly open your eyes, then keep for 2-3 seconds.

2, do not move your head, move your eyeball upside, left, right and downward, and keep for 2-3 seconds.After it, you have a snap for half an hour, which have the decision effect on the afternoon state.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The food would not make you fatter, even if you eat a lot

1, kelp

Kelp is also a kind of good slimming food with rich nutrition, it contain a large amount of course fiber. No matter cold mixed kelp or kelp soup, it could provide full feeling and meet our appetite, moreover, it could help us to reduce the taking of heat. Often eating kelp can also effectively inhibit the shape of fat.

2, Konjac

It is a kind of herbaceous plants, peel off the skin. It is a kind of herbal plant, its root is off skin and dried, grind into powder, then processed into sweet food, noodles and vegetarian meat. Konjac is almost zero calories and rich fibers without fat, and it could absorb water in the stomach and intestines, you will easily have full feeling and will not be afraid to gain weight. Konjac contain water-soluble fiber, which will hinder intestinal bacteria breeding, and guid to expel bacteria, therefore it has the name of scavenger.

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3, Carrots

Carrot is a kind of slim face food. Squeeze fresh carrots into juice, and drink together with honey. It not only could help you to slim face, but also could help you to reduce weight. It is the best weight loss food. Many people do not like the flavor of carrots. So they give up it, even if it is a very healthy food. For this kind of people, they can have a try on Lida, it tastes good, moreover, it has a strong effect on reducing weight and controlling our appetite. Also it could help us to increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation.

4, Egg

50 g of eggs will contain 7 grams of protein, six grams of fat and eighty-two calories. And yolk contains lecithin, which is a kind of emulsifier, which will break fat and cholesterol into small particles, and expel from the blood vessels and be used by our body. The Vitamin B12 in eggs will be break down into fat cells, which is effective to abdominal fat. But in order to avoid too much cholesterol absorption, you had better eat more protein and less yolk. Boiled eggs contain less heat than frying eggs.

5, Cereal

Office OL always like to eat instant cereal to replace the meals, there are rich fibers in the cereals, wheat skin instead of a meal, wheat skin contains rich fiber, and bring full feeling, which can reduce cholesterol level, stabilize blood sugar, reduce the risks of heart disease and diabetes. We do not suggest you to replace meals with cereal, because it can not provide protein, it is easy to cause fatigue and hair loss.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The misunderstanding of reducing weight

Weight loss is the tasks during the whole life, but we need to pay attention to the weight loss misunderstanding.

According to a study, the people who often eat vegetables will consume less heat than the people who do not. And vegetarian are often thinner. According to the USA cancer study center, the people who often eat meat will have more risks to get cancer.

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However, nutritionists said that the above numbers may cause the misunderstanding for the weight loss people. If you just want to reduce weight, you may get the contrary result. If you do not make a detailed vegetarian diet carefully, it is easy to ignore the important nutrition composition, such as vitamin and protein. Such nutrition composition could promote the metabolism rate and help return to the healthy situation. The food you eat play an important role on the weight loss process.Daidaihua is an effective product which could help you to increase the metabolism rate and blood circulation. At the same time, it could control your appetite, then you have less desire for the food.

If you decide to reduce weight in the form of vegetarian diet, please remember to keep a balanced diet. In order to make sure than 10% to 20% of calories is from protein, you can replace the plant protein with meat protein, such as bean, nut and milk. However, eating vegetables is a good thing for us, as long as you do a good plan.

There is rich vitamin and dietary fiber in carbohydrate, which could add enough energy and heat to your body. Refusing carbohydrate not only will cause the lack of vitamin B and dietary fiber, but also it will cause bad mood.

In addition, if you do not eat carbohydrate food, you will want to eat them more than before. Once you can not control yourself, you may eat up a bag of chips!


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Caring kidney food

Guide language, nowadays white-collar workers do not have regular life, and it is easy to have the situation of kidney deficiency. So if you want to own beautiful appearance and healthy body, we must protect our kidney.

Kidney is the birthplace of women beauty and health.

Kidney deficiency, our eyes would not brighten any more, and hair would not be black. All kinds of physical problems will arrive in advance, as well as aging. For overweight people, controlling slimming body figure is a challenge. Lida is a slimming product which could help us to reduce weight. It could help us to control our appetite and increase the metabolism rate.

Nourishing kidney, as a revolution of staying beauty and health, and it is one of the most expensive make up product.                                                                          What could be used to add kidney.                                       1, scallops                                                                        Its taste is wild, flavor is salty, which could nourish kidney and add Yin, so kidney Yin patients should often eat it.                 2, bass                                                                           Flat, sweet, its taste is sweet, which could nourish spleen and stomach, it could nourish liver and kidney, care bones and muscles.                                                                           3, chestnuts                                                                      Its temperature is wild and sweet. It could nourish our spleen and stomach. And it has the effect of adding kidney and waist.                                                                               4, yam                                                                                It is sweet, it has the effect of adding lung, care spleen, which could also nourish kidney and fill in essence. And the patients who have kidney deficiency should eat it.                              5, barbary wolfberry fruit                                                     It is flat and sweet, it has the effect of nourishing kidney and caring liver, longer aging. Especially for the middle-aged women, we had better eat it.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

In hot summer, nourishing body food

1, Laver


Seaweed can resist radiation, resist mutation and antioxidant, which has close relationship with its selenium. Selenium is a kind of important micro elements, it could increase our immunity, and protect our health. Often eating rich selenium laver, it could increase the ability of resisting oxidation.

2, White gourd

It has a good effect on clearing summer heat. In summer, we should eat more wax gourd, which could stop thirsty and clear summer heat, and help urine. Because it could help urine and it contains less sodium, so it is the best food to treat chronic nephritis edema, malnutrition and clear edema for pregnant women. It contains many kinds of vitamins and necessary micro elements, which could keep the balance of our body's metabolism.

3, Brown rice

There are rich vitamin B, vitamin E in brown rice. So eating brown rice could improve our immunity, promote blood circulation, and consistently provide energy for our body. In addition, among it, the potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, dietary fibers could promote the increase of intestinal bacteria proliferation, and prevent constipation and colon cancer. Some people also take brown rice as the weight loss food, however, we could take Lida as our weight loss drug, it could help us to increase our metabolism and increase our blood circulation. And most important is that we could prevent the constipation.

4, Cucumber

90 % of Cucumber is water with low nutritional value. However, cucumber skin contains a certain composition which has the diuretic effect. Therefore, cucumber the first aid drug for cystitis and acute nephritis.

5, Mushroom

Mushroom contain rich protein, which could help blood circulation, reduce edema. And you had better boil mushroom into soup, then you could get a better absorption effect.

6, Sweet potatoes

Vitamin A is known as eyes guard. If you are lack of vitamin A, feeling weak light ability will be lower, and adaption ability to dark environment will be lower, even some people will catch night blindness. Vitamin A is developed from carotene. Besides carrots, sweet potatoes also contains redundant carotene, which can provide redundant vitamin A, improve eyesight, also often eating sweet potatoes could do a help to our skin