Thursday, April 24, 2014

The three truth will accelerate aging teach you how to stay young

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Introduction: some experts pointed out that the three Congress makes a woman accelerated aging of the facts, and based on these to provide some suggestions that can improve the condition of women.
Expert analysis, the frequency of the pace of human aging and cold depends largely on their own. To prolong life, everyone should take some protective measures before the first serious illness.
1 the pressure is too large.
It is impossible to live without pressure, short-term pressure is also beneficial to thebody, can promote the protection system, make people become more strong. But too much pressure will cause serious effects on the body, because the body will produce large amounts of the hormone cortisol, increase blood glucose levels, can make blood pressure is too high, increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.
Improvement measures:
(1) a day walking or jogging for 40 minutes;
(2) two days a week to reduce dietary .intake calorie no more than 500.
2, do not correct dining.
One of the important causes of accelerated aging is not a healthy diet, especially sugarwill do harm to our health, although it is a necessity, but eating too much can cause great risk, increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.
Improvement measures: in order to avoid the blood glucose concentration is high, must limit the easily lead to increased blood glucose concentration of food, such as flour,sugar, boiled potatoes, rice, and must reduce the amount of alcohol.
3, growth hormone is too small.
Growth hormone is a most important hormones, can make the muscle strength, boneand skin firming, reduce body fat. Research shows that, human growth hormone is less,aging faster.
Improvement measures: to slow down the aging speed, to go to bed before 11 in the evening, because the growth hormone growth during sleep.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The enemy of skin care

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Introduction: our skin is always with great care and maintenance, but the skin is not better, sometimes will feel the skin in the aging? Why? May be your skin appear wrong Oh, these bad habits will not hesitate to destroy skin, you'd better stay away from them.
Deposited mask time is too long
A lot of people when deposited mask have such idea, must let the mask essence is completely absorbed, that if you don't absorb the end is a waste, so every time is long time of the deposition mask.
In fact, we deposited mask most of the time not more than20 minutes, in 15 to 20 minutes. Even if the essence mask is not absorbed, you have to take off the mask to clean moisturizing care. Essence the rest you can be used to apply to the neck or on the leg.
Weekend break up late and late nursing
Many people get up on time in the day, at the end of the week he got up very late, often sleep to get up at eleven,then skin care. So you were destroying their looks.
We usually get up at about 7 points in the morning and then wash skin, let skin have this habit, but you get up late on weekends and nursing, then from the 7 point to get up, this time the skin without fresh nutrition can absorb, and because of the lack of nutrition and become dull and dark yellow even, this will cause the skin to become rough and accelerated aging.