Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Powerful Wismec DNA200, worthy your trying!

Though the newest Reuleaux RX200S has come out, the previous Wismec DNA200 is still worthy your trying. So different, the Wismec DNA200 adopts the Evolv's DNA200 TC chip, like other DNA200 TC mods and the Reuleaux RX200, RX200S use the Joyetech's chip. Evolv is the leading manufacturer in the temperature control system. So it performs more advanced and mature in temperature control devices. This Wismec DNA200 will bring you more powerful temperature controlled vaping experience.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A great deal you can get on a 200 watt TC mod!

How much do you want to spend on a 200 watt tc mod? It's possible that you may spend the increased budget on a 200 watt mod, compared with other low watt box mod. How about $50? You are so lucky that you can get a iStick 200W TC mod on this official authorized online store only for $45.8, even less than $50. This high watt tc mod is featured with beautiful appearance and various TC modes(Ti/Ni/SS/TCR), a powerful mod still inheriting the iStick series' advantages. If you are a fan of Eleaf or have a limited budget in getting a premium 200 watt tc mod, this iStick 200W is absolutely the one you should give a try.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Do you love the triple batteries structure of RX200S?

The Wismec Reuleaux series mods are so powerful with the 200 watt maximum output, which attributes to the structure of three 18650 cells. Compared with double batteries structure, the triple batteries structure bring you more stable and continuous vaping output. Moreover, replacing cells can be easily operated due to the magnetic battery cover. Charging this powerful stuff is still convenient, just through the USB port on the side. But external charging is strongly recommended for the sake of safety. RX200S is the most innovative Reuleaux series stuff. With the added TCR mod, new adoption of brand-new interface on 0.96inch large screen display, powerful supply and easy operation, this RX200S is really worthy your trying!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

iStick 30W, a bit bigger size but more powerful output than iStick 20W!

There is no wonder that the Eleaf iStick 30W is more powerful than iStick 20W though it's only a bit bigger. Believe you have tried the popular iStick series stuff. For the first time, Eleaf adopts the arrow button functionality on iStick stuff. This function will make you freely enjoy your vaping time without the fare of pressing adjustment buttons to change the current settings while firing. The 10 watt more power than iStick 20W will naturally bring the more powerful vapor production. An obvious change is the streamlined design on top, which is so different from that on iStick 20W. Still you can get this fantastic iStick stuff on this official authorized online store istick.org!

Wanna give the distinctive Eleaf creation a try?

Do you know that Eleaf has released the unique iStick stuff? That is the iStick Pico. With a first glimpse of it, you will be deeply impressed by its unique appearance. The protruding battery cap on top makes it so outstanding from its previous iStick series stuff. Believe your vaper friends and vapers from forum will tell you the great popularity. Really distinctive and successful device from Eleaf! Now you can get this fantastic stuff with beautiful price on this official authorized online store.